Monday, May 12, 2008

Provide's own range of furniture has arrived

Provide table and bench shown in Douglas fir

Provide table
42"W x 72"D x 29"H (6 foot)
 42"W x 84"D x 29"H (7 foot)
 42"W x 96"D x 29"H (8 foot)

Provide long bench
18"W x 30"D x 17.5"H (2.5 foot)
18"W x 72"D x 17.5"H (6 foot)
18"W x 84"D x 17.5"H (7 foot)
18"W x 96"D x 17.5"H (8 foot)

Coming soon

Coffee table
Side table
Towel rail

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Martha Sturdy, choose from a large selection at Provide

Beautiful new bowl (SOLD), platter (SOLD) 
 and vases in shimmer grey