Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Provide received the latest addition to our AKMD collection last week, these crisp white pieces are not only eye-catching but functional as well.

The melting wax tea light, which is made of marble and cast bronze, simulates the flow of wax pouring out the slit along the side. The removable bronze base makes it easy to remove tea lights once they've burnt out and the semi translucent marble gives off a soft glow when a candle is lit inside.

The spines and low profile of the marble fruit tray allow air to circulate around the fruit, extending its freshness. This tray is hand-carved by traditional stone artisans in Rajasthan State, India.

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Posted by Megan

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Provide is very excited for the arrival of the latest Rina Menardi collection, any day now! We've included some pieces that are new to Provide as well as the classic Rina Menardi shapes we have loved for many years.

Rina Menardi chooses to use baked clay because she senses in this material the possibility to express herself through gaining possession of some sort of nature's secrets. Her collections are a fusion of art, design and craftsmanship where aesthetics and functionality come together to create something magnificently beautiful with heirloom qualities. Provide is pleased to be in collaboration with such a sophisticated and special line.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013


The Fall season is in full swing and with Canadian Thanksgiving coming up this weekend it's time to start thinking about the perfect tools for the kitchen. Look no further as Edmonton's On Our Table does it again with their new Fall 2013 offerings.

The three oblong shaped solid walnut kitchen tools (second image from top), are perfect for stirring, scraping, mashing and mixing. The offset handle provides an improved position for your wrist while stirring large, full pots. These tools are finished with a natural oil/beeswax mixture and can uphold their beauty by simply applying mineral oil periodically.

The new solid end grain Aspen Butcher Blocks (third from top) are made from local Albertan hardwood. These stunning butcher blocks are the perfect addition to any kitchen, not only are they gorgeous but functional as well. Use as a serving platter for your favorite cheeses and meats, or simply chop up your meal in style.

Finally, there is a classic walnut flip cutting board (last image), with the deep groove around the edge to catch juices from pooling over the edge. This board is traditional in cutting board style and esthetically pleasing in On Our Table's staple, walnut wood.

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Posted by Megan