Tuesday, December 18, 2012


It's hard to believe there is only one week left until Christmas. Here are a few ideas to help you with your stocking stuffing. Happy Holidays from Provide.

Images listed clockwise from left:
True Grace - Small Bowl Candle in Blackcurrent
Saikai - Brass Bottle Opener
Triumph & Disaster - Shearer's Soap
Daff - Felt Iphone Case 
Missoni - Keith Hand Towel 

Thursday, December 6, 2012


December is here and the holiday season is in full swing - festive dinners, cocktail parties and elaborate soirées abound.

So, wether you're the host wanting to set a stylish table for your guests or in need of a unique gift idea for someone throwing a bash, these holiday entertaining items from Provide are sure to be a hit at any gathering.

Happy entertaining and happy holidays!

Images listed clockwise from left:
Chilewich Placemat in rib weave toffee
Chilewich Linen Napkin
Heath Ceramics in linen
On Our Table Big Walnut Bowl
Holmegaard Future Jug Clear 
Saikai Iron Trivet
Roost Bark Wine Opener
Holmegaard Brandy Glass
Holmegaard Cabernet Carafe
Martha Sturdy Resin Round Cache Vase
On Our Table Flip Large Walnut Cutting Board

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Founder of Triumph & Disaster and former New Zealand cricket player, Dion Nash knows what it's like spending all day in the sun and the effects that the environment has on our skin.

When Dion was 13 years old his father gave him a poem called, 'IF' By Rudyard Kipling. He threw the poem into a drawer and didn't think of it again; the poem is advise from a father to his son on how to be a man. Many years later, playing with ideas of what to call his up and coming men's grooming product line, he found the poem and instantly the meaning behind the poem and specifically the line, 'if you can meet with Triumph & Disaster and treat those two impostors just the same', resonated with Nash and thus, the brand Triumph & Disaster was created.

Using ingredients such as Horopito oil, Cumingii leaf extract and the cleverest combination of natural manly scents, Nash's philosophy is not to label the brand as 100% natural but rather to have the best of science combined with the best of nature to produce naturally derived, but scientifically engineered products that just work.

Developing and evolving his own ideas of what men need in their grooming products, Nash collaborated with a team of chemists and a world class perfumer, to create a brand for men who want old fashioned values, Rock & Roll swagger and just gentlemanly charm.

The full line by Triumph & Disaster can be found on our website here:

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Provide is pleased to announce that we are now offering the new collection by On Our Table. Handmade in Canada using Walnut, these kitchen accessories are the perfect gift for anyone this holiday season.

On Our Table duo, Cindy Lazarenko and Geoffrey Lilge, have put together a diverse collection of objects for the kitchen and dining room. Created to inspire people to savor every detail when cooking, dining and sharing.

100% committed to local manufacturing, sustainable materials and ethical production, On Our Table's goal is to collaborate with designers such as Loyal Loot Collective and create original, functional objects handcrafted to be used every day and passed down for generations.

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Friday, November 9, 2012


Provide is pleased to announce that we are now offering the new collection of blankets and pillows designed by Cristian Zuzunaga for Teixidors. Titled "Integrate: Time and Space", the collection is based on the pixelated image and is hand woven on classic wool looms in 100% ecological merino wool. Launched at ICFF 2012 in New York, the collection won the editors award in the Textile category.

Zuzunaga was founded by artist and designer Cristian Zuzunaga with a belief in quality over quantity as well as the restorative and enhancing power of colour. Their philosophy is to uphold sustainable and ethical ways of working, valuing handmade craft over mass-produced, trend following products.

Robert and I had the pleasure of meeting Cristian at his Barcelona studio and were thrilled to talk to him first hand on his design inspirations and thoughts on business. In addition we visited Teixidors (see our previous post on Teixidors) and witnessed these beautiful products being woven by highly skilled crafts people.

To view more of the collection, please visit our website providehome.com

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Cire Trudon's representative, Anthony. Anthony popped into Provide with a very large, and I'm sure extremely heavy bag filled with candles he had been lugging across North America for weeks. He took some time to chat with me a bit about the candles and also to give me a brief, but very informative history lesson.

He spoke of each candle like a fine wine, which was actually quite fitting considering his background was in wine. Walking me through each and every fragrance he described in adoring detail how each were created, such as  'Rol Soleil' which mimics the scent of the large wooden floors of the Hall of Mirrors in the Chateau de Versailles, vapors of wax, candelabras and palace.

In 1643, Claude Trudon and his son Jacques were shopkeepers and wax producers, supplying candles to light their customers' homes and for the parish. As the company grew, it wasn't long until Trudon became the official wax provider to King Louis XV and to some of the most important churches. Trudon was Napoleans producer during the Empire, and survived the electric revolution as well as the industrial revolution. Today, Cire Trudon continues to produce clean burning wax candles made with vegetal material and whimsical scents that take you back to a past place each time you light them.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


A few weeks ago Robert and David returned from Spain and re-merchandised Provide. When I walked in the next day I immediately noticed the beautiful gold and black display wall which David had put together, instantly I fell in love with the elegance and warmth of the gold Martha Sturdy pieces and Judy Ross cushions paired together with the bold ebony blacks of the Pacific Connections lacquer trays and whimsical personality of 'The Black Guest' by Lladro. Grouped together you get an instant luxurious and sophisticated combination.

Images listed clockwise from left:
Caleb Siemon metals series vertical wrap vase
Caleb Siemon black cumulo barrel vase
Niche Modern bella pendant light in amber
Lladro's 'The Black Guest' 
Judy Ross tabla cushion
Charlene Mullen handlebar cushion
Cire Trudon candle
Saikai brass trivet
Shereen De Rousseau wrap bracelet 
Martha Sturdy square vase in new gold/clear
Pacific Connections black lacquer tray 

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Living in Vancouver, we are fortunate enough to be surrounded by some of the most beautiful and inspiring landscapes in North America. Vancouver does tend to get rainy and chilly in the fall/winter months which leaves us looking for ways to bring the warmth and texture of nature into our homes. Some of Provide's favorite nature inspired home accessories are shown above.

Images listed clockwise from left:
Roost bronze antler candlesticks - Large $95.00 Medium $85.00
Christian Woo solid walnut cutting board - $210.00
Roost mother-of-pearl box - $45.00
Roost round salad servers - $66.00
Loyal Loot ochre bowl no.5 - $160.00
Saikai cast iron ornamental bird kiji - $140.00
Rina menardi small triangalo centre piece - $195.00
Stinson Studios bark edged maple salad bowl - $235.00
Catherine Regehr laser cut medium kelp cushion - $990.00

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


While in Barcelona, Robert and I made the journey out to Terressa to visit Teixidors, (one of our favourite suppliers) and we were thrilled to witness first hand some of their beautiful textiles being made entirely by hand.

As we entered the workroom, we were immediately stricken with the presence of the wood looms and the highly skilled craftspeople behind them. The physicality of weaving and the precision required by each individual is amazing. Teixidors was created on the philosophy of offering labor and social integration to people with learning difficulties through the manual loom – a versatile, complex and demanding tool that acts therapeutically.

Teixidors is without a doubt a benchmark for tradition and high-quality handicraft production, but it is also a cooperative enterprise that is vitally linked to the contemporary world. Driven by their forward-looking vision and making the most of its corporate personality, Teixidors explores materials and structures in beautiful combinations such as cashmere, linen, merino wool and silk. The outstanding results enable the company to create a sustainable and profitable business that also acts with social responsibility that is truly inspiring.

Look for more cushions, throws and blankets from Teixidors arriving soon at Provide.

Friday, October 12, 2012


Robert and I are enjoying a holiday in Spain and spent our first week on the island of Mallorca, located in the Mediterranean Sea. We drove from the main city of Palma, almost entirely around the island with memorable stops in Puigpunyent, Valldemossa, Deia and took a rather harrowing drive through the Mountains in the north west tip to the town of Pollenca. From there we continued on to the town of Capdepera where we stayed in a beautiful small resort named Cases Son Barbassa (pictured in these photos above). It was truly a wonderful experience with great food, a luxurious pool and amazing service. Being adventurous, we drove down a very long and bumpy road that rewarded us with some remote beaches (Cala Tarta and Cala Mitjana) with fine white sand, turquoise blue water and spectacular scenery. It was a perfect holiday that was both relaxing and stimulating. Next stop, Barcelona...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


The Fall event at Provide is just one day away and we are almost all set-up for what promises to be a stimulating evening on design featuring Martha Sturdy, one of Canada's most talented artists and designers. On view will be her new white marble resin and steel sphere lighting as well as her gorgeous darkened steel spheres and furniture pieces (photography by Raeff Miles). We look forward to seeing everyone there!

The Martha Sturdy event takes place at Provide (529 Beatty Street in Vancouver) on Wednesday, September 26 from 6pm until 9pm.

Monday, September 10, 2012


Provide invites you to a very special evening on Wednesday, September 26 from 6pm to 9pm featuring Martha Sturdy, one of Canada’s most talented artists and designers.

Martha Sturdy, the internationally renowned designer creates clean and simple, yet utterly bold home accessories, furniture and lighting to massive scale art pieces. Her inspirations from nature combined with her influences of travel and culture allow her chosen materials of resin, steel, brass and wood to take shape in innovative and highly sophisticated designs that are unmistakably the creative vision of Martha Sturdy.

This is your opportunity to meet Martha Sturdy at Provide and purchase some of her latest designs – all while enjoying a glass of wine, tasty delights and great conversation with other design insiders. While in attendance, enter your name for an opportunity to win a beautiful item from the Martha Sturdy collection.

Please RSVP to megan@providehome.com 

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Since Provide opened, we have represented Niche Modern lighting – in fact we designed our showroom utilizing three trios of their Solitaire Modern Pendant Lights. Five years on, Niche Modern stands the test of time – still looking as fresh and current as the day we opened our doors.

Niche Modern is hand-blown glass pendant lighting that comes in a spectrum of translucent hues and exposed filament bulbs. The pendants are offered in a variety of shapes and sizes, all work in modern to more traditional environments with ease. Multi-pendant chandeliers that utilize a sleek metal canopy create beautiful and dramatic focal points for rooms. Provide's Design Services just used a grouping of three Solitare Pendants (shown at the top) for a client's dinning area and the outcome was absolutely stunning. The middle image shows the Pharos Pendant in Effervescent in a grouping of six while the bottom image is a customizable Quill Chandelier with the Pharos turned to face the ceiling.

For more information on Niche Modern lighting, please visit www.providehome.com

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Provide is excited to showcase the launch of Vancouver based Studio Brovhn's first home collection, Elemental.

Elemental is a series of bins and bags created from an innovative technical material that is extremely lightweight, strong, tear and water-resistant. This unique, recyclable material is flexible in nature – objects placed within define their overall shape giving an organic and captivating character. Colours include Minimal White, Vivid Orange and Whale Grey.

The entire Elemental range folds to the thickness of a magazine – making it highly portable and easily storable. Bins provide elegant yet minimal solutions for storing magazines, pillows and other household items. Elemental bins are available in a variety of sizes to suit a multitude of settings and storage solutions.

Elemental bags are the ultimate carrying and home storage tote. Quintessentially lightweight, yet superior in strength, they are equally practical as they are beautiful. Bags are smooth and supple to the touch – creasing is a natural part of the material and makes each bag unique from one another.

To view more from Studio Brovhn, please visit providehome.com

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Robert Bailey is an acclaimed interior designer whose work takes him around the globe – luckily for Provide he calls Vancouver home and relies on our collections for the finishing touches in many of the stylish and sophisticated interiors he creates.

Over the years Robert has fine-tuned his exceptional abilities as a design professional and amassed an impressive portfolio of work for both private and public spaces. Robert Bailey Interiors is a small, highly specialized firm that believes in working closely with clients to build deep, lasting connections that ultimately allow them to create spaces that enhance people's lives on levels both seen and not seen – visually, functionally, emotionally and spiritually.

Above is just a sampling of their projects – to view more from Robert Bailey Interiors, please click the link below to visit their website.


Saturday, August 4, 2012


Provide has just received a new shipment of luxurious summer weight throws from Teixidors. These throws add great colour and texture to beds and sofas – and come in handy for chilly evenings.

Teixidors is a Barcelona based company that produces handmade, woven textiles for the home using environmentally-friendly and socially responsible practices. Their working process enhances the original virtues of the natural materials and generates distinctive, unique and enduring items.

Pictured at the top is the Reticulum throw made from 100% linen and features a coloured edge detail. The bottom image is the Apt throw made from 100% ecological merino wool and is available in a variety of colours.

To view more from Teixidors, please visit our website at www.providehome.com.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Provide has just installed this striking series of photographs by Pauli-Ann Carriere.

Pauli-Anne Carriere's photography is drawn from the world at large. Transitory encounters with people, places, colour, texture and light, veiled or interpreted in the abstract, features prominently in her images. Carriere's work reflects her intrigue of the missing detail of obscured scenario, which more often elicits questions than answers, adds a heightened level of interest and greater sense of emotional resonance to the subject matter.

Carriere's current series "Salt Plain" is a bold expression of colour, texture, line and form captured near Walvis Bay, Nambia, April 2012.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Since its debut this past spring at Provide, Christian Woo's new furniture collection has received a tremendous amount of media attention – including a fantastic profile in the new issue of Canadian House and Home. This is well deserved for one of Canada's most talented designers who's work is minimal yet always warm and inviting. Another great Canadian talent is photographer Janis Nicolay who shot Christian's profile piece for House and Home (these images are out-takes from the shoot) – Janis's keen eye and artistry never ceases to amaze (check out her blog Pinecone Camp to view her beautiful photography). Provide is very please to represent exclusively Christian Woo's furniture collection and have the inside scope on some exciting new pieces that are currently in development. Look for news on that in the coming months.