Tuesday, March 25, 2014


At Provide, organic materials influence the selection process of the collections we have in our showroom. A hand-full of the Canadian boutique brands that we are in collaboration with, have unlimited access to beautiful sustainable materials, such as wood.

Wood products are an extremely prominent element in interiors and seem to be increasingly popular among interior designers. Not only valuable for its sturdiness, but also for its versatility. The use of wood can transform the feeling of any room by introducing texture and warmth. It creates a sense of comfort and harmony.

Each hand crafted wood piece tells a story of its age and beauty. Like a fingerprint, the wood grain in each item we offer is unique. Above is a selection of some of our favourite wood accents for the home.

For more information on these and other products, please contact us at 604.632.0095 or visit our website at www.providehome.com

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Friday, March 21, 2014


March 20th was officially the first day of spring, the sun is shining and the temperatures are rising! Gone are the bland winter neutrals, replaced with the beautiful blooms of colour that spring has to offer. Now is the time to refresh and revive your home and what better way to do so than to inject a lively pop of colour into a space to instantly liven it up. Whether it's switching out a toss cushion or replacing the towels in your bathroom, adding a bit of colour is the simplest way to make a big impact in any room.Here are some of our favourite fauna and flora colours of spring and how they've inspired the collections at Provide for this season. 

Tulip Orange - Pacific connection box 
Forsythia Yellow - Niki Jones lattice cushion
Leaf Green - Heath Ceramics vegetable bowl 
Hydrangea Blue - Missoni giacomo bath towel 
Orchid Fuchsia - Linen Way Paris throw 

For more information on these and more products please contact us at 604.632.0095 or visit our website at www.providehome.com

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Provide welcomes the new 'Revolve' collection from Barter and BC based designer Kenneth Torrance to our showroom and coming soon online. This collection of stools, pillars and planters beautifully compliments his series of terracotta vessels that we introduced at Provide (and on EDIT) a few months ago.

Formally trained as a graphic designer, Kenneth approaches objects and space in a way that is designed to compliment one another to create something utterly unique. His love for craft and respect for the materials he uses, guides his design choices.

The collection 'Revolve' is a homage to west coast timber. Celebrating the massive forms of our coastal giants and indulging in the raw beauty of BC red cedar (from fallen trees). Paired with concrete for stability, and terracotta as a vessel for growing. Stack and configure in different ways, 'Revolve' invites us to become familiar with these natural materials and their union in this collection.

Visit Provide to experience these large-scale sculptural pieces in person. For sizing, pricing and other information, please contact us at 604.632.0095 or visit our website at www.providehome.com.

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Monday, March 3, 2014


Provide is happy to present the beautiful collection of home textiles from UK textile designer Niki Jones. Niki embraces this rich world of folk art and hand craft and gives it her own unique contemporary twist by re-inventing these age-old crafts. Mixing old and new, stylish and unpredictable, serious and whimsical, no two items in the Niki Jones collection are quite the same. With each piece telling it's unique story - from its humble beginnings to it's final destination, as a treasure to take pride in a place in your home.

These cushions are inspired by such things as Moroccan tile flooring, to elements of old Uzebekistan textiles as well as modernist paintings. The use of a crewel embroidery technique helps to emphasis the flow of the patterns and the shapes of the motifs.

For more information, please visit our website www.providehome.com

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