Tuesday, February 18, 2014


During a visit to STURDY's showroom last week, Robert & David brought back some beauties from Martha's new 'Osaka' collection. This selection features an alluring contrast of resin shapes inset into the classic STURDY forms.

The inspiration for this collection emanated while Martha was traveling through Japan. She was taken by how the clear moonlit nights washed over the luscious fields of age-old bamboo creating a dream like quality. Frequently inspired by natures beauty, it was only natural for Martha to integrate this inspiration into her resin designs.

Each resin strip or sphere is hand-poured & hand-sanded. They are then placed into the mold and the coordinating outer colour is then poured on top, this is what distinguishes the difference in the placement of the strips. Some will appear bold as they have been pushed further to the front of the piece, or they may appear more diluted as they have been pushed further to the back. This process is what makes each resin piece unique.

For more from this collection, please visit our website www.providehome.com

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Pony Rider is a boutique homewares brand out of Australia that Provide has had the pleasure of showcasing for the past three years. Recently I had the opportunity to have a little chit chat with co-founder of the brand, Kelly Searl. She was kind enough to send over some fantastic shots of their Mill in Tasmania where they produce their Australian merino wool blankets (available by special order at Provide).

Kelly has an established background in graphic design and marketing as well as fashion and textile design. She has collaborated with brands such as One Teaspoon, Sass & Bride, Sony and Coca Cola, before branching out on her own into the homewares realm. Always having an interest in typography and a desire to make her mark with a creative project, Pony Rider is about those raw moments in life that make you smile, it's about finding the beauty in the everyday.

The 'Bower Bird' collection (which can be found on our website) is one of Provide's favourites from the brand in that it is stimulated by a vintage smattering of old signage and industrial inspiration. Typography being the key factor in this series.

For more information on this collection and others from Pony Rider please contact us at info@providehome.com

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Provide is delighted to announce that one of our Interior Design projects is featured in the March 2014 issue of Style at Home! Our charismatic clients, Patricia Lau and John Rodriguez came to us in 2012 wanting help designing their newly purchased Yaletown condo. Collaborating as a team and giving us their creative input every step of the way, we were able to produce a functional, vibrant and stylish environment that allows them to easily work from home and grow as a young and effervescent family.

The couple fell in love with the art, lighting and accessories that we showcase here at the store and we were happy to utilize some of our suppliers for this project. The trip pendants by Niche Modern hanging above the custom ash dining table segregate the dining space from the living room and kitchen creating specific zones in an otherwise small space. The continuity of bright colour from the Charlene Mullen cushions to the vivid and cozy Womb chair helped in creating visual flow throughout the main floor area.

Provide's design services includes working with homeowners, industry professionals and a vast array of suppliers to create a cohesive design vision for your home. For more information please contact Robert or myself at info@providehome.com.

A big thanks to the editors at Style at Home and to Photographer Janis Nicolay for showcasing us in your March issue!

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