Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Martha Study Lamps

Martha Sturdy Beautiful lamps in a wide range of resin colours and metals.  Lamps are offered in many shapes and sizes such as square rectangular and round.  Floor and table lamps are available.

Sample of available sizes
Resin Square Table Lamp (with shade) 
5"w x 5"l x 32"h
5"w x 5"l x 23"h
7"w x 7"l x 23"h
Resin Rectangle Table Lamp (with shade)
12"w x 4"l x 23"h
8"w x 4"l x 21"h
16"w x 4"l x 26"h
Resin Table Lamp with Brass Base (with shade) as shown above
16.5"w x 5"l x 29"h
16.5"w x 5"l x 37"h
6"w x 6"l x 33"h

Resin Round Table Lamp (with shade)
6"d x 33"h
6"d x 23"h


Jessica said...

Looks good; I saw this site with some useful info on Modern Table Lamps. Hope it helps...

Anonymous said...

This one looks cool lolz. Also i came across this lamp which is eco friendly, eye soothing LED, and has a back up of six hours. Check this out as well: