Thursday, January 6, 2011


Today I visited the studio of jewellery designer Shereen de Rousseau – it was very interesting to witness her at work on one of her beautiful creations. The studio itself has a very authentic feel with tools in abundance and by the distressed quality of various work surfaces – a testament to the involved process that goes into making each hand-crafted piece of jewellery. All her charms and medallions are hand cast using silver or bronze, beads and stones are individually tied on silk and to finish the exacting process, each piece is hand polished.

Thank you Shereen for this look into your studio and into your dedication for the work that you so passionately do – we look forward to seeing more new designs in 2011. To view Shereen de Rousseau's work, visit

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Shereen de Rousseau Jewellery said...

Thanks for coming in David! It was great to show you
my studio.