Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Our first collection under the name PROVIDE MADE was created with the Provide customer in mind – we listened to what you were looking for, and the result are these graphic and vibrantly coloured cushions. The graphic language for our first collection of cushions is very geometric – it utilizes the shape of a cube which is then duplicated to create patterns that are energetic, expressive and highly dimensional – and of course all work great together.

Hand-woven silk dyed in rich, saturated colours from fuschia to eggplant and a raw ecru where produced in collaboration with Mitun Chakrabarti whose company Rajboori works with highly skilled artisans in India. The silks are an eco-friendly variety called "peace silk" that have the comfort and durability of cotton while maintaining the richness in colour and depth of most precious silks. The cushions are then assembled meticulously by hand using quilting-like techniques, appliques and a detailed stitched overlay in bright orange.

We would like to thank Janis Nicolay for taking these wonderful images above and Nancy Riesco of Riesco & Lapres for helping us with the styling and location.

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