Saturday, September 1, 2012


Since Provide opened, we have represented Niche Modern lighting – in fact we designed our showroom utilizing three trios of their Solitaire Modern Pendant Lights. Five years on, Niche Modern stands the test of time – still looking as fresh and current as the day we opened our doors.

Niche Modern is hand-blown glass pendant lighting that comes in a spectrum of translucent hues and exposed filament bulbs. The pendants are offered in a variety of shapes and sizes, all work in modern to more traditional environments with ease. Multi-pendant chandeliers that utilize a sleek metal canopy create beautiful and dramatic focal points for rooms. Provide's Design Services just used a grouping of three Solitare Pendants (shown at the top) for a client's dinning area and the outcome was absolutely stunning. The middle image shows the Pharos Pendant in Effervescent in a grouping of six while the bottom image is a customizable Quill Chandelier with the Pharos turned to face the ceiling.

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