Tuesday, October 16, 2012


While in Barcelona, Robert and I made the journey out to Terressa to visit Teixidors, (one of our favourite suppliers) and we were thrilled to witness first hand some of their beautiful textiles being made entirely by hand.

As we entered the workroom, we were immediately stricken with the presence of the wood looms and the highly skilled craftspeople behind them. The physicality of weaving and the precision required by each individual is amazing. Teixidors was created on the philosophy of offering labor and social integration to people with learning difficulties through the manual loom – a versatile, complex and demanding tool that acts therapeutically.

Teixidors is without a doubt a benchmark for tradition and high-quality handicraft production, but it is also a cooperative enterprise that is vitally linked to the contemporary world. Driven by their forward-looking vision and making the most of its corporate personality, Teixidors explores materials and structures in beautiful combinations such as cashmere, linen, merino wool and silk. The outstanding results enable the company to create a sustainable and profitable business that also acts with social responsibility that is truly inspiring.

Look for more cushions, throws and blankets from Teixidors arriving soon at Provide.

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