Monday, March 4, 2013


Provide is just completing the finishing touches on a stylish yet ultra-cozy Whistler retreat – for which we were able to utilize the work of Canadian designers Loyal Loot. Since Provide opened, we have featured Loyal Loot's log bowls in our showroom and they continue to be a strong part of our offering. Due to this home's alpine locale, we felt Loyal Loot's aesthetic would be a perfect match – rustic, yet still modern and fresh.

For a guest room, we used the Trophy Mirror (an ironic twist on the typical wood trophy base) in a grouping of five mirrors of mixed sizes and shapes, this added the perfect punch to a plain wall in a otherwise covetable room.

The Whistler home also features several Coat Hangs (which mimics the careful tear of an axe on a piece of kindling destined for a campfire) where the owners and guests can hang their clothes after a long day on the slopes.

Also pictured is the Monsieur Dressup – a tailored maple collar that hangs shirts, sweaters and scarves – this may still find a place in the home, maybe for a Missoni terry robe next to the hot tub?

For more information on these items and more from Loyal Loot, please contact us at Provide.

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