Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Provide is excited to announce that we will be carrying a new kitchen textiles line by Piano Nobile, a design studio based out of Seattle that creates napkins (sold in sets of two), tea towels and textile trays using all natural, durable, sustainable materials whenever possible.

Each one of their designs is inspired by the sketchbooks of Piano Nobile artists. Featuring different organic/geometric patterns and shapes, these napkins and tea towels are finished with beautifully stitched colourful trims in orange, pink and teal. Their BPA-free melamine trays are perfect for any summer cocktail party or situated on a vanity to hold your favorite jewellery pieces at the end of the day.

So whether you need the ideal hostess gift or a touch of whimsy in the kitchen, Piano Nobile offers the perfect line up of kitchen textiles for spring/summer 2013.

To view more from Piano Nobile, please visit our website www.providehome.com

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