Monday, July 1, 2013


Doug Johnston is a Brooklyn based artist and designer who creates minimal, yet highly detailed bowls, baskets and bags from cotton cord and nylon thread. Each piece is made without the use of forms or moulds. The process involves coiling cord and stitching it onto itself using a zigzag stitch on a vintage, industrial sewing machine. The technique used is based on some of the oldest methods of ceramic pottery and basket weaving, with each piece created being unique in its slight variations of shape and stitching.

Doug Johnston comes from a background in architecture and fine arts and began making his own bags several years ago from an interest in dimensional forms and the materials he uses. The technique he eventually perfected follows after his experiments in large-scale weaving and knitting, and he thinks of the pieces architecturally – like small studies for spaces and shapes.

The pieces are modern and simple, created to celebrate their materiality and hand-formed construction. The colour blocks come from changing the thread colour that binds the cotton cord together. The thread serves as both the structure and the decoration of each piece. Functional for storage and carrying – these  pieces are unique, stylish accessories for your home and lifestyle.

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