Sunday, September 15, 2013


Provide is excited to announce that we are know representing David Mellor cutlery in our showroom and online. This beautiful collection has been on our wish list for quite sometime and we feel it is the perfect compliment to our Heath Ceramics tableware line – in fact, Heath Ceramics has chosen this brand themselves to sell on their website and in their retail locations. We are showcasing three styles in stainless steel, Pride (third photograph) designed by David Mellor in 1953, Chelsea designed by Corin Mellor (David Mellor's son) and Embassy (not shown) which was originally commissioned for use in British embassies with the aim of demonstrating the best of British modern design.

David Mellor is the best known cutlery designer in the UK. Born in Sheffield, historic centre of cutlery making, he trained originally as a silversmith. His modern cutlery has a widespread reputation for it qualities of design and manufacture, and examples are in many international design collections.

David Mellor cutlery is manufactured in a unique purpose built factory (second photograph above) designed by Sir Michael Hopkins. The circular factory has been described as a minor masterpiece of modern architecture and has received many important architectural rewards. The cutlery is made by a small specialist team of highly skilled craftsmen, some of whom have worked for decades with David Mellor, building up an exceptional expertise of metalwork. Though the factory is technologically advanced, a high degree of hand finishing is employed to give the cutlery its perfectionist quality.

For more information and to view more from David Mellor, please visit our website.

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