Monday, April 18, 2011


Monday is our last day in Milan and we are reflecting on all that we saw this past week and without a doubt what left the biggest impression was the Zona Tortona. Located in the south west of Milan, The Zona Tortona was filled with a staggering amount of temporary exhibitions and installations during design week. We were amazed by the creativity and the innovation on view - many buildings we entered, transported us through sound, lighting and visuals to unexpected places. It was so impressive and so large, we returned for a second day to experience more. Some of the highlights are pictured above with exhibitions by Toshiba, Samsung and Cannon.


Brillante Interiors said...

It is always so intense and exciting. I am glad you enjoyed it, I thought Foscarini installation was the best. We'll have an "Italian Design week" party at my return.Ciao!

info said...

Delightfull was a great success in Milan. For one week Zona Tortona was more Brighter.
Thank you for your visit, soon we will have more news.

Myface said...

Like previous years, this fantastic event didn’t disappoint design lovers.
MyFace is grateful for being present in one of the great design events in the world. We thank all of you for visiting our stands.
Visit our site and see some pictures:

Provide Home said...

Thank you all for commenting on our post and for reading the Provide Blog – It really was thrilling to experience Milan during design week.