Thursday, April 19, 2012


These beautiful new handblown (from lead free crystal) pieces by Caleb Siemon and Carmen Salazar have just arrived at Provide. Pictured from the top is the Tango Barrel from the Cumulo series, next is the Silver Chaos Wrap barrel vase from the Metals series and finally, at the bottom is the White and Grey Chaos Wrap Net bowl and vase from the Netted series.

The Cumulo use dollops of glass over a central core. The hot bits are blown out to diffuse the colour and create a bulbous cloud like shape. The bulbs are arranged so that each vase will sit in a way unique to itself.

The Metals use precious metals and wraps of clear crystal to create vessels that are reminiscent of modern era glass with a galactic edge. Silver pieces will Patina.

The Netted use a chaos wrap of white over a grey transparent core. The overlapping technique creates a pattern unique to each handblown piece.

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Brillante Interiors said...

The Cumulo vase is quite something! Beautiful color, unique shape