Tuesday, February 18, 2014


During a visit to STURDY's showroom last week, Robert & David brought back some beauties from Martha's new 'Osaka' collection. This selection features an alluring contrast of resin shapes inset into the classic STURDY forms.

The inspiration for this collection emanated while Martha was traveling through Japan. She was taken by how the clear moonlit nights washed over the luscious fields of age-old bamboo creating a dream like quality. Frequently inspired by natures beauty, it was only natural for Martha to integrate this inspiration into her resin designs.

Each resin strip or sphere is hand-poured & hand-sanded. They are then placed into the mold and the coordinating outer colour is then poured on top, this is what distinguishes the difference in the placement of the strips. Some will appear bold as they have been pushed further to the front of the piece, or they may appear more diluted as they have been pushed further to the back. This process is what makes each resin piece unique.

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