Sunday, July 20, 2014


Niche Modern recently launched the latest addition to their line up, the 'Crystalline' series. Veering away from their otherwise more muted colour choices, this collection introduces bright bold colour and new shapes that are centred on the idea of sharp angles and edges.

Each pendant is hand made carefully, slowly and with a lot of love. The angular forms can be difficult to achieve with molten glass so molds are required to help the process of achieving clean cut shapes. The line's four pieces include the Axia, Condesa, Delinea and the Trove, all inspired by the idea of crystal structures and how they produce different layers and angles that mesh together in perfect harmony.

Available in nine different colours, including clementine, tulip, rose, chartreuse and turquoise. These pendants are beautiful on their own or grouped together to create a striking impact in any space.

For more information, please send us and email at or give us a call at 604.632.0095

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