Monday, July 28, 2014


Provide is ecstatic about the new Eskayel cushions that just arrived at the showroom. Lead designer Shannon Campanaro continues to amaze us with her unique kaleidoscopic designs. The new arrivals are from her 'Jangala collection', the 'Playland capsule collection' and the 'Island collection'.

Shannon started Eskayel in 2009 when she decided her apartment needed a re-vamp. Wanting to create an accent wall with interesting wallpaper, she thought "why don't I just make my own wallpaper"? From there she found a way to print her custom patterns using a large scale repeat and ended up being incredibly pleased with the results. Gaining recognition on a large scale, her company flourished quickly. Being able to do what she loves, her passion for art drives her dedication to the company (which she runs with her boyfriend, interns and a lot of freelance workers).

Drawing her inspiration from the everyday and her many travels, her fabrics are whimsical and eccentric. I find myself staring at the ambitious shapes as if i'm doing an inkblot test and I need to figure out what I  can make of the designs. It is fascinating to me how she can take a piece of her own art; digitally manipulate it and produce the most unusually beautiful patterns.

Sustainably produced in the US, these cushions make a striking addition to any space. For more information, please visit our website

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