Sunday, August 3, 2014


British fashion designer Paul Smith and Anglepoise have teamed up to create a quirky and colourful version of the class Type 75 table lamp. Paul Smith is best known for his well-made, simple cut fashions that often include a splash of vibrant colour, a floral print or his signature multi-coloured stripes.

The new special edition Type 75 lamp combines the unmistakable form and function of an Anglepoise with the unique handprint of Britain's foremost designer, Paul Smith. Warm grey-olive tones are contrasted with sharp accents of fuchsia and lime, with cornflower and clay added for a stunning effect. The modernist form has become the designer's palette, injecting new life into a classic design. Mechanical functionality is highlighted by Smith's playful colour-by-component approach.

These lamps are the perfect collectors item for the fashionista design lover. For more information send us an email at or call us at 604-632-0095.

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