Thursday, September 16, 2010


Leaving the beautiful city of Venice was difficult, but even our short time there has enriched us mind, body and spirit. We walked the small streets, getting lost most times (all part of the fun), crossed bridges over the canals, viewed centuries old architecture and dreamt what it must be like to live there. It was magic sitting on the banks of the Dorsoduro sipping crisp white wine, eating rustic pizza – all with the warm glow of the Italian sun us.

On our way back to Vancouver, we made a quick stop in Dusseldorf to meet with one of our most imporant suppliers, DAFF – makers our our fabulous merino wool felt tableware and home collection. Owner, Carin Benter graciously made time to show us around their very efficient and modern facility. It was great to see all of the products in all of the colours available. We also discussed some possible opportunities for future growth between Provide and DAFF, we hope to share details on that with you soon. Pictured above are some new additions to the product line (that we first saw last week at Maison et Object in Paris): A huge range of colour felt i-phone and Blackberry cases and boxes that now come in a 2-ply colour combination with a side handle. Provide will be placing an order for these and expect them to be in the store soon.

We are back in Vancouver now and want to give a huge thanks to Pierre and Lauren for taking such great care of Provide – we know that they worked hard to make everyone's experience at the store a great one. Robert and I are filled with inspiration and ideas from our trip and can't wait to get started with this new fall season. We look forward to seeing all of you soon to get caught up and swap stories – see you at Provide!

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