Wednesday, September 22, 2010


While we were in Paris, on our "free" day from attending the show, we had to check out the latest at our favourite concept store - Merci. Merci, located on the edge of the Marais on Boulevard Beaumarchais seems to draw Parisians in droves from all Arrondissements (not to mention tourists). The store is a large space with different areas, levels and at least 3 cafes. I always like to see what installation they have done in the main entrance, this year they had these incredible flower like lights suspended from a grid in the skylight. The shop is a mixture of home wares, fashion, flowers and lifestyle, all with a presentation that elevates the most utilitarian of objects (like construction lanterns). Although, Merci does have a different concept than Provide, It does share a love of design and the desire to create a new retail experience. Thank you once again for the inspiration Merci!

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