Tuesday, September 7, 2010


We took a day in Paris to walk (and walk) the streets, checking out the retail scene. We saw some great stuff, but when we came across the windows of Colette, we stopped in our tracks. The windows are covered with maple leaves and the words "We love Canada". At first we thought it was a tribute to two of our favourite designers, Dean and Dan, but on closer inspection it was their take on Canadian winter style. They are featuring Sorel boots, Canada Goose jackets and Douglas Coupland's collection for Roots. The store was packed with people – I guess they will be having a Canadian winter in Paris this year?


Shereen de Rousseau Jewellery said...

and Canada loves Paris!!!! this mutual love affair was
happening when I was there in the summer. I saw a whole collection of clothes in a boutique with canadian references on them. I think I'll have a glass of Vin Rouge and macaron to celebrate my love.

T. Hawes-Puiu said...

love. you should share with canada tourism.